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Joglo Putu Inten Resort is the only resort that has 15 residential homes in the form of ancient joglo house with different design / architect.

Area resorts with width + 2 Ha. to complement its presence, we also built a villa / cottage with tropical design. Each villa has a living room, dining room, bedroom, bathroom and small kitchen (including cooking equipment). All in a decent size and comfortable. And in every cottage is equipped with water heater, air conditioner, TV, refrigerators and dispensers.

Joglo Putu Inten location only 5 km from the city center. Which located on the beach with beauty natural. And the resort atmosphere are quiet and very personal. While waiting for the sunset, enjoying a long island and looked at her green rice.

And the main objective is Joglo Putu Inten want to preserve the traditional houses of hundreds years old. Javanese culture as well as to introduce the former.

Is a sensation, when you can feel and live in our green and beautiful village, listen to the sound of waves at sea, rice fields and in the distance looked faintly visible Muria mountain. This phenomenon will only be found in Joglo Putu Inten Resort Jepara

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